About Us
Lensol’s LLC, was founded in August 2005 aiming to archive new goals and integrate solutions in the sphere of telecommunication. Backed up by a team of young professionals, Lensol’s LLC managed to archive its goals in a short period of time. Since then, expanded to serve markets across the nation we have become a leader in providing Voice over IP services (VOIP).

Having great success in the domestic market of data services and continuing to develop dynamically, Lensol’s LLC decided to enter the international market, too. A new approach and independent marketing policy, as well as the amicable work of the whole staff brought to that here again we became demanded, too.

Using innovative technology and own technical solutions, we offer a range of IP telephony service, including transit VoIP traffic of the operators’ network, ensuring reliable, fast, high-quality interconnections.

Nowadays, having gained so much experience we can guarantee the quality of our service delivered to our customers and network operators.

One of our main goals is to make the communication available between the operators and help everyone who wants to be established in this field. We are always ready to build strong and long-term partnerships with operators from all the countries. The guarantee of our successful business is the high-quality service and low prices!

Lensol's LLC